Happy&Whole student initiative image 250x150The Happy and Whole Connection is a youth and young adult-focused project that offers young people between the ages of 15-25 the tools and resources to experience increased happiness, fulfilment and success during a demanding and often stressful phase of their lives. We equip them with wisdom and techniques they can use for years to come to create lives they truly love living.

Our mission  is to offer guidance, support and training while helping them build self-esteem, courage and confidence.

The first group started at the University of California, Irvine with a handful of visionary student co-founders, passionate about creating a more peaceful, loving and fun campus. Our weekly meetings include meditations, laughter yoga, stress management and communication skills, as well as group coaching of life-skills. We laugh and play in a purposeful and uplifting way.

Our goal is to expand the program nationwide through a series of weekend workshops serving tens of thousands. As we set the stage for exciting growth that touches the hearts and minds of these precious beings, we ask for your prayers and support for Ease and Grace! Please connect with us to hear what we’re up to, and send us your young people so we can help them launch their lives magnificently! 

Stay tuned for more information!



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