Michael LaraMichael Lara is a graduating senior at the University of California, Irvine. He majored in International Studies, Business Administration, and Math/Science. He currently serves in leadership capacities in Happy and Whole Connection, Independent Consulting with 10 years of experience, and at UC Irvine. He is especially excited to be involved in a project where happiness is the ultimate goal. He supports Hearts Awakening with leadership, IT, social media, marketing communication and events roles.

Rebecca OlkowskiRebecca Forstadt Olkowski is a blogger, podcaster and 35 year plus professional voice actor. She is the founder of  SharpBizImage.com, BabyBoomster.com and 2BoomerBroads.com. Rebecca also helps busy entrepreneurs set up and learn to operate their WordPress websites. In her spare time she loves to travel, attend film screenings and hang out with her 2 puppy dogs.